Animals play a crucial role in the life of humans, from resources, such as food and commodities, to service dogs or transportation animals and companions that are important for developing a sense of sharing love. Some of them are still being protected by us, while a good part are threatened by our lifestyle. Educating ourselves about the wellbeing of animals and getting involved will help develop sustainable societies. 
Animal shelters help stray animals and assist people with adoption and providing information but what they also do is bring communities together. Volunteer, donate goods or money for food to animal shelters and encourage others to do so and be the protagonist of your own Success Story!
All animals deserve excellent care and by protecting their health, we protect the food we consume, the environment and public health. Many animals rely on our support and generosity, as well as on volunteers and professionals. Support sterilization of stray animals to reduce overpopulation. Make a difference for animals!