What I want to achieve with my contribution or wish should have a positive effect on myself, others, nature and/or the environment.

I describe my wish objectively and truthfully.

I use a positive choice of words, because I support the benevolent language culture of gern gscheh.

No criticism is given as comment to the wish, the user is personally contacted.

Report unreasonable wishes

We clearly distance ourselves from violence or discrimination in any form. Therefore we ask you to report unreasonable wishes immediately.


Protection of privacy is important to us. We therefore attach great importance to the fact that no one should feel discriminated against. All wishes can be made anonymous, both by the creator and the helper.


gern gscheh allows advertising logos according to implemented wishes on the platform and promotes the good deeds of a company in the social media.
Paid advertising ads are presented in our name to the respective company target audience / customers.

Direct help

Through direct help you can help yourself or others and directly follow the support provided. 


A heartfelt thank you is a nice gesture to thank the helpers.