How to make the most of social media?

Using social media is the best tool for spreading the word about your project and about updates. Here are some tips for how to make the most of it: Share your link.

Try to post your Story on social media during the afternoon - that is when most people use social media. Include a short message when sharing the link, such as: Hi, I have created a Project for finding amazing people to help planting trees. Visit the project here: link Share regularly. Post updates. Thank your contributors. Creating groups are an excellent way to expand your network, create a community of “loyal fans” and make sure your posts are visible to all members. Create events. You can create events for raising money by setting a deadline for it.

Is there a financial contribution limit?

You can contribute as much as you want up to the limits defined in your country.

Fee for Money transfers

Our external payment provider Stripe protects our platform and our users against fraud and money laundering and ensures that the contribution process runs smoothly. For this service we charge a fee of 5.8% of the amount donated.


We finance the platform with our own assets, company account fees, 2.9 % commission on money transfers, social marketing, advertisement and consultancy.

gern gscheh AG from Auenstein, Switzerland is a profit oriented company, owner and operator of the social platform May our profit sponsor all our future innovations to make more people happy.

I want to send goods to other countries

We encourage both beneficiaries and contributors to arrange this at their convenience through shipment service providers or personal collection.

As a beneficiary, if you want to receive goods, please mention you need support with your transportation or reach a transportation service company and ask them.

I want to report a project

If you think you may be a victim of fraud or that a story on our platform is dishonest or fake, please click the report button and briefly explain the situation. 

We are several beneficiaries

It is fine for more people to access the same project and make changes but there can only be one account in the case of financial contributions. To add a beneficiary, please visit our 'How to add a beneficiary' section.

I am raising money for someone else

You can raise money for anyone as long as they accept your invitation. Gern gscheh will let you start a project and make someone else become the beneficiary by sending them an invite email. Please note that once someone becomes a beneficiary, they will be the one to have access to the contributions. They will use their own email and password to log in and make changes (like setting an account or change the story).

Am I responsible for taxes?

Any financial contribution received through gern gscheh is considered a donation, so you do not have to pay taxes for anything. However, some countries and certain situations may require taxes. You should consult a tax specialist to ask if you need to take specific measures. Keep record of every email you have received, even if they are non-monetary contributions.

Can I remain anonymous?

Yes, you can remain anonymous to the people you contribute to and other platform users. When you sign in, however, you will be required to use all your credentials but you can choose to leave your name undisclosed by ticking the “Private” box.

Every little contribution counts

Every effort towards a goal, no matter how big or small, is valuable and can make a big difference in the life of someone. You can brighten up the life of others with a kind word, sharing your talent, teaching a skill, being good and smiling, donating money or giving extra things you do not need anymore.

“Happiness is the only thing that doubles when you share it.” - Albert Schweitzer

From your kindness there is someone else who will benefit: Yourself. Contributing to other people's happiness will make you feel good about yourself and shine. So browse through all the projects and make a change in the world today!

If you love to get involved in acts of kindness, please continue reading.

Continuous engagement

Get media attention

After you have developed the correct message, explained your Project, shared it with everyone, it is time to go a little further and contact some press representatives. Local media is always looking for something interesting to write about and your Project could be their next story. So don’t be afraid to get in touch with journalists and send them what you have - most of the time they will know exactly what to write but offer your help for getting their story done.

To make sure your approach is the best one, contact them via phone, email or social media and:

  • Introduce yourself
  • Introduce your project
  • Insert the link

What projects can I create?

Whether your dreams are to travel the world, donate to charity, get a new item, resolve a medical problem for yourself or someone else, find volunteers for completing a task, get an education or learn a new skill, start a business or organize an event, and the list can go on forever, you should take on the challenge of doing what you want. With gern gscheh there are no official limits to achieving your dreams, everyone is welcome and everything is possible.

There are requirements that are not about specific topics but are rather about defining your purpose truthfully, being transparent with the evolution of your story and using what you are receiving for your initial intention, without changing.

What is a project?

A  project is defined by actions of collecting deliberate contributions consisting of money, goods and transportation, volunteering, awareness raising by and for individuals, foundations, governmental agencies and NGOs, businesses and institutions. Its main purpose is to motivate people and inspire them to take action and make a difference in the life of others and in theirs. There are so many opportunities out there to create extraordinary things.

How can I make my project visible to more people?

If you share it on social media with your family, friends and colleagues and ask them to share it as well, you can reach more people. Tell people about it and don't hesitate to ask for help sharing directly from your text. If you focus on updates and your spelling - double-checking grammar and spelling - the quality of the content will also help your project get more attention.

Can I share my project with the rest of the World?

Yes, your project can be shared with the rest of the world. However, please note that at this moment, there are limitations for money donations and goods transportation. Find out how you can maximize your chances of benefitting from support by verifying what countries support money donations via our platform or what measures you can take for arranging transportation.

Countries supported by the Payment facilitator:

  • Australia
  • Austria
  • Belgium
  • Canada
  • Denmark
  • Finland
  • France
  • Germany
  • Hong Kong
  • Ireland
  • Japan
  • Luxembourg
  • Netherlands
  • New Zealand
  • Norway
  • Singapore
  • Spain
  • Sweden
  • Switzerland
  • United Kingdom
  • United States
  • Italy
  • Portugal

Can I ask for anything in a project?

Be confident about asking for anything you want, without feeling embarrassed or awkward. It is really up to you what your wants or needs are, just keep in mind that whatever you solicit, it has to be stated truthfully, anything else can be considered fraud. It can be a charity project or a personal wish, with the difference between them being that they can be understood better by associating them with the terms ”need” and ”want” and the sense of urgency that comes along. You can check our categories and take a look upon other projects to see if what you are soliciting qualifies as a wish or charity.

Examples of Personal Wish projects:

  • Raising money for backpacking around a country/continent
  • Buying a new car
  • Learning a new language

Examples of Charity projects:

  • Contributing to disaster relief
  • Surgery cost coverage
  • Helping victims of abuse

If a wealthy banker wants to raise money to buy a super car, he is welcome to do so on our platform. If he is original and motivated enough, but above all, if he formulates his project truthfully and gives good reasons, he might find people who want to contribute. People will need a very good story to make a contribution, if you state your motivation for starting your project, explain how their support will help and what it means to you, but also share it with as many people as possible, then your chances are good that your project will get attention.

How do I thank the contributors?

Saying thank you is one of the easiest ways to interact with your contributors. It shows that you are grateful for those who had the choice but chose to help you, and it shows that you ultimately depended on each and every contribution, just like they did.

Do I have to connect to a social media account?

Connecting to a social media account is not mandatory. You can still create a project on gern gscheh without linking it to a page. However, it is a great opportunity to spread the word, connect with others and engage people into taking action. You will still be able to decide what goes on your Facebook or Instagram,

You can always edit your project on gern gscheh for example to post updates on what you have achieved from the contributions and also to thank everyone for each step you have made to get closer to your goal thanks to them.

Each contribution you will receive through gern gscheh platform will automatically send a message to your personal email account so you can send thank you messages to all your contributors.

You are required to create a personalized thank you video and send it to all the people who have contributed. Please also upload it on your gern scheh account.

Can I get a list of all my contributors’ information?

Yes you can. But keep in mind that some contributors may want to remain anonymous, meaning that they can choose between not showing their names, email addresses, and/or other contact information. However, you will be able to download a list with the contact details of those who haven’t chosen to remain anonymous.

Can people from abroad contribute to my project?

Yes they can.

If you are looking for goods contributions, you may mention in your story that you will need support with this matter or you can ask the transportation company itself to contribute to your cause. Otherwise, we encourage both beneficiaries and contributors to arrange the transportation at their convenience through shipment service providers or personal collection.

How to resuscitate your project and to bring your project out of a lull

Occasionally, you might notice that your project is not getting the attention it got right when you started it. Do not panic, there are simple measures for you to take to make it fresh and get the attention it deserves.

  • You can always make changes to your text.

Sometimes, making changes to your text might save your project from being stuck in ignorance. To edit your text, please see -"Changing/hiding/adding personal information"

  • Reach people outside your network

Think outside the box when it comes to your network. You might be surprised to see how complete strangers could be the solution to achieving your dream. Ask friends to share your project with their network, post your project in groups where you do not know anyone or talk to local media about presenting your story.

  • Ask people personally to contribute/share

Do not underestimate the power of asking a favor personally. May it be friends or strangers if you state your motivation and explain how they can help, this could be the most useful way to get what you want.

  • Offer incentives

You can offer a reward to each person that contributes with a certain amount. For instance, if you are good at drawing, each person who contributes with €25, will receive a drawing from you. Or, every person who shows up at your event will get free coffee, or you can publicly thank them.

  • Create your own hashtag

Say you are trying to learn a new language, or are trying to find volunteers to teach foreigners your language, your hashtag can be something like #teachkimenglish or #beadutchlanguageteacher. Be original and make sure you share the hashtag enough times for people to relate to it.

  • Make (creative) videos

Updates, reminders, saying hi - your videos are always a good idea for reaching potential contributors and creating engagement. Make them appealing, not too long (try to stay under 2 minutes), ensure quality and edit it if necessary. Have friends help you record yourself and ask them for ideas about how to make your video as appealing as possible.

  • Organize events

You can create an auction, sale, seminar or whatever gets people out of their houses and invite your community to participate. This way you can advertise your gern gscheh project. It’s easier than ever to create an event!

If your project requires volunteering support, make sure you state the location in your story. To see how to better set up a volunteering project, please see "My project requires volunteering support".

I received direct contributions. Do I need to add them in my project information?

Any form of contribution should be included in your project so you can let people know what your collecting situation is at all times. When you edit your project, you will have a section where you will be able to add ”direct contributions” that you receive from your contributors. You just need to sign in to your projects and update and share it on social media to inspire others to achieve the same.

Does my project have a deadline?

No. You can keep your project up and running until you reach your goal. Although the project will display a notification for readers that you have reached your goal, you should always update your situation. In case of a financial support seeking, you can remove your project without needing to withdraw

Why use updates?

Keeping your situation up-to-date is important for both creating a connection with your contributors and for keeping them involved. Moreover, it is common courtesy to show your appreciation to those who have chosen to support you with your project by letting them know how your road to accomplishment is going.

If your readers come across your story from an ad or a recommendation, they will most likely try to find out information about it before taking any action. They might not do anything before getting a better understanding about your situation, or they might want to see if others have taken any action and then see how they can contribute. Your story should be updated and nurtured with information that helps your reader become your contributor.

We recommend, however not to post updates too frequently.

How to better share your gerng scheh project

Share and ask for shares

Use Facebook, Twitter, Instagram, Whatsapp, email, Twitter or LinkedIn.

How to share without social media

You might not be a social media user or you simply prefer to keep it low when it comes to publicity and you would still have plenty of ways to get out there. Call everyone you know.


Hello (name),
I’m calling regarding a gern gscheh Project I have set up in order to (buy/receive/do something).
The reason why I am reaching out is because I'm hoping you could support my project with …. 
You can find it on gern gscheh or check my (social media page). 
Even the smallest contribution helps and sharing my project with your network would mean the world to me.
I would like to see you again soon! Can we grab coffee sometime?
It was really nice talking to you! Thanks a million!
(your name)

Send text messages

Hi there! I wonder if you would mind taking a look on my gern gscheh project and support me in any way that you can? Please find the link here … Thanks!

Create gern gscheh posters

How to involve your community

  • Event organizers

Go to event organizers, volunteer to help and ask them to promote your idea. Events are happening here and there all the time, even in small communities and there is almost always a need for extra help that you can offer in return for advertising. Find events in groups on social media, in the press or at event halls like business centers and conference halls and reach organizers directly.

  • Barter

Bartering is one of the easiest, non-monetary, win-win ways to get your Project out there. You can go to a printing agency and ask for 50 copies of your poster in return for promoting their business on your social media, or using their logo in other campaigns.

  • Ask local businesses if you can have your poster on their wall

Go to local cafes or restaurants and ask them if you can hang your gern gscheh poster on their wall for a while. You might be surprised how many people will agree to you idea.