gern gscheh AG – You are welcome

Happiness us the only thing which doubles when you share it.
Albert Schweitzer

Who we are

We are a group of swiss people who share a dream to the world a better place for all. We will achieve this through increased social responsibility. Our credo and company name gern gscheh is Swiss German and means “your welcome”.

CEO Kurt Oberhaensli worked all his life in different Positions in the Power Industry and wanted to do something substancial to change the word. He is convinced that by creating this Platform do a substancial step towards making the world a better place.


Positive news is not making headlines. We are therefore convinced that the world is far better than it is reflected in the media.

We all know the power of positive information and that it is healthier for all of us to find a balance between positive and negative information consumption. Gern gscheh shall be part of this positive information.

Our motivated ServiceCenter Team is looking forward to support you in your aim to improve the world.

Contribute to a good cause today – Create a brighter tomorrow


We offer a user-friendly social platform for people and companies to do good things, support those in need and realize projects with the help of contributors. We see us and our platform as facilitators.

We are changing the way donating gets done by enabling people to ask for support during tough times without feeling embarrassed. We achieve this by allowing all kind of wishes to be published on our platform. The contributor may decide whether a projects is worth supporting.

Upon completion we share the success stories on our platform and on social media to inspire and encourage others to start their own projects and make a positive impact in the world. May the success story of our user’s warm the hearts of our viewers.

We are building up a new advertisement sector in Marketing where the positive social aspects in our society will be enhanced. We will finance the operation of our platform and company with social advertisement.


Private User

A private user of our platform can use our services free of charge. No restriction regarding sharing or linking projects on websites or social media apply.

Company Accounts (Juristic Persons)

A company contributing towards a better world will additionally empower his reputation. It may display their products and will receive positive emotions. We believe this is price less.
We offer 4 different company accounts see the Account section.

Fee for Money transfers

Our external payment provider protects our platform and our users from fraud and money laundry and smoothen up the contribution process. For this service we charge a Fee of 5.8% of the donated amount.


We finance the platform with our own assets, company account fees, 2.9 % commission on money transfers, social marketing, advertisement and consultancy. 

gern gscheh Ltd. from Auenstein, Switzerland is a profit oriented company, owner and operator of the social platform May our profit sponsor all our future innovations to make more people happy.