You're Welcome Guide: 
How You're Welcome Works

1. Defining and Setting up your
Project Through 4 easy steps:

a. WHY is this project important to me? - Ask yourself this question and you will have your motivation that will show others how important it is for you to convincing them to join in and contribute. When you put your heart into your project, it is a guaranteed success!
b. How will we do it and what we need for it
c. Describe your project and what are you looking to achieve, set the date and location 
d. Choose the right photos, or even better, make a video and tell others why is the Project important for you 
e. If you open a project we need to verify your identity to prevent fraud or money laundry

2. Promote your Project

Tell your friends, family and everyone you know, share on social media as well as be creative with advertising your Project locally.

3. Receive contributions

If your project touched the hearts of your views the donations are coming in and you will realize you dreams.

4. Look back at what you have 
achieved and enjoy your success

Thank your contributors and promote your Success Story amongst your friends, family and social media the world has become a better place because of you, your contributors and readers of the story. Moreover, seeing that there are still good people in the world, will motivate others to start their own project.