1. Define and set up my project

To set up a You're Welcome Project you need to log in or create a user account. We are required by law to identify and verify project owners to prevent fraud or money laundry. We will keep this data confidential and you may remain Anonym on our platform using an alias Name. Your data will be stored in a safe environment in Switzerland and invisible to other users.

What projects can I use You're Welcome for?

Whether your dreams are to travel the world, give to a charity, get a new item, resolve a medical problem for yourself or someone else, find volunteers for completing a task, get an education or learn a new skill, start a business or organize an event, and the list can go on forever, you should take on the challenge of doing what you want. With You're Welcome, there are no official limits to achieving your dreams, everyone is welcome and everything is possible.

There are requirements that are not about specific topics but are rather about defining your purpose truthfully, being transparent with Project creation guide

Afterwards, you will be guided through our platform to create your Project Through 4 easy steps.

a.WHY? - Ask yourself this question and when you have the answer, you will have your motivation that will show others how important it is for you, convincing them to join in and contribute to your story. When you put your heart into your project, it is a guaranteed success!
b.How will we do it and what we need for it
c.Describe your project and what are you looking to achieve, set the date and location
d.Tell others why is the Project important Choose the right photos, or even better, make a video and for you

1.a Your motivation

This is one of the most important phases in your Project Write from the bottom of your heart, explain in your own words what it means to you, what is your motivation and why is it important for others to get involved. You don't need to be a writer to create something extraordinary, the simple fact that you are motivated is reason enough to come up with a remarkable story, but there are a few indicators of a good project that, if taken into account, can result in a great project. If you have formulated this and wrote it down you will be empowered to succeed with your project.

You should start by introducing yourself and the connection you have with the cause you are writing about or introduce the person you are trying to get people involved for.

1.b. How will we do it and what we need for it

For your Project, you might need Money, Volunteers, Goods or Services, so you need to focus on what you have to do in order to achieve your goals. For a Project you might need Money, Volunteers, Goods and Transportation. So you need to think what you need to do to achieve your goals. Speak with someone which is an expert in this field.

My project requires financial support

Create a realistic budget, considering every spending detail. If it is an item that has a fixed price, that should be the amount to ask for. If you are looking for contributions to cover a trip, for instance, you should focus on transportation tickets, accommodation, food and fun.

All payments are done through and protected by Stripe. Stripe allows individuals and businesses to accept payments over the Internet, focusing on providing the technical, fraud prevention, and banking infrastructure required to operate online payment systems. To see how Stripe works, please see...

My project requires goods

This can be as simple as asking for a sleeping bag. 
But for Projects please consider all the necessary equipment for the completion of your project Does the activity require special tools, clothes or materials?

Where are you getting your tree seedlings from? Did you find a sponsor or do you need to look for one? Do you have the necessary tools to work with? Your attendees will probably need to be advised to wear rubber boots or work boots. Is the activity dangerous in any way? If so, what are the risks?

If the tools you are using are dangerous, will you be able to arrange for medical supervision? Or can you ask a professional to provide first-aid training? Get informed on the use of tools and the calm you need to ensure during the event to avoid any bad incidents.

My project requires transportation of goods or volunteers

                                                                                                                    We encourage both beneficiaries and contributors to arrange the transportation at their convenience through shipment service providers or personal collection. For transportation across borders there can be strict regulations and complex issues, we recommend you inform yourself of this aspect before you start your project When you ask for goods and volunteers, especially from other countries, please consider the transportation aspect of the Project. If you can manage it by yourself, that is great but if not, you should either mention in your story that you will need support with this matter or you can ask the transportation company itself to contribute to your Project

My project requires volunteering support

Make a rough plan of what you are going to do, how long and how many volunteers it will take. If your project needs a specialized person, bear in mind that an unspecialized volunteer may not help you with your Project as well as an expert.

Let's assume you have the idea of planting several trees in an area. You will mainly need volunteers, tree seedlings and a few tools. It is an excellent idea, but in order to accomplish your goal you need to ask yourself the following questions:

If your project is an activity you would like to perform together with other people, such as cleaning a river or planting trees, depending on the scale of your project, you will have to create an event following these steps:

  • Create the event - create the event title, considering the location, time and activity;
  • Set the date and time of the event;
  • Set the location;
  • Share information about yourself;
  • State your motivation;
  • Share information about your event mentioning the number of people it requires;
  • Add an image;
  • Make your event public and share it via social media.

Important questions to ask after making the first draft:
Is the date and time of my event manageable?

For example, if it is during weekdays, especially working hours, it will be harder to have a decent turn out During holidays, people might be away or already attending other events and if the weather is unfriendly, chances are you will not be able to carry on with your idea.

1.c Create a welcoming title

With your project in mind, try to ask yourself the following questions to come up with a good title. Please keep in mind that this is a guide and you can always use your own ideas.

  • Who/What is that I am writing about? - the answer to the first question is usually a name
  • Tell your potential contributors what to do. Determine your potential contributors to take action for your project. Good examples of action verbs are: help, donate, support, make a change, make an impact, support, give, volunteer, let's do it, etc.
  • What are you seeking help for? It can be a disease, a new item you would like to receive, natural disaster, school project, a skill you want to learn, economic crisis, whatever you are trying to change, it should be mentioned in your title.
  • Direct and simple. If you are using too much text you might confuse your potential contributors.

Here are a few examples for project titles:

- Help Ana walk again. - the action verb is "help", the name of the beneficiary is included - Ana and last but not

1.d Briefly describe the situation

Let readers know what happened and what is the story of the person or the project you are writing about.
Tell your potential contributors how they can help. If it's with money, tell them what amount you need and how will you spend it, in detail. If it is by donating goods, what can they offer, how will they send the goods towards you or ur cause, can you or somebody else collect rom them. Other contributions may include ime and knowledge or skills. There might be ndividuals or even companies who are willing coffer tutoring classes, training courses or essons or they can spend time together with he elderly in home-cares, orphanages or with aringforanimals. Be specific.

Use the right images

1. Use relevant pictures. We strongly advise that you use a real photo of yourself or your cause as it is more impactful. If you are using someone else's photo, please ensure you have the permission to do so.

2. Check the quality. If the picture is too small, it could get stretched and appear pixelated. Our platform automatically creates standard sizes of your images for use in different sections of Your Project.

3. You are welcome to upload any type of

Other tips

Less is more

While it is extremely important to be specific about certain aspects, unless you really need to give details, try not to write very long projects. In the long run, your project gets more chances to be read.

Remember a few rules:

  • Who, what, how, when, where and why. Try to answer these questions and you will have your first scrap.
  • 3 main parts of a project: introduction, body, conclusion. It is better to write in this order.
  • Separation. If you have more paragraphs, try to separate them by spacing them.
  • Subtitles. Give your paragraphs subtitles. Our mind needs to "take breaks" when reading.
  • Visual aids. Don't be afraid to insert photos or a video, they will give more essence to your project
  • Ensure your grammar and spelling are checked. The easiest way is to write your project in a Word document with the spelling and grammar function enabled.

Message templates

If you are having trouble reaching out to people, whether close friends or complete strangers, we have composed a series of templates for you to use depending on the degree of acquaintanceship level.

Writing to a friend

Hi (name of friend),

As you know, I have started a project on You're Welcome to (name of project) because I want (reasons why you have created a project). So far I managed to (raise amount/collect quantity/ bring together number of people) for my project, but I still need a little more support I would highly appreciate if you could join in and contribute in every way that you can, even if it is just by sharing with your friends. Here is

Writing to a friend of a friend

Hi (name of friend of friend).

I am a friend of (name of friend) and I believe you know him/her, as well. I have started a project on You're Welcome to (name of project) because I want (reasons why you have created a project). So far I managed to (raise amount/collect quantity/bring together number of people) for my project, but I still need a little more support. I would highly appreciate if you could join in and contribute in every way that you can, even if it is just by sharing with your friends. Here is my link
Thanks in advance, (name of friend of friend)!

(Your name)

Writing to a person you do not know personally

Good day to your
My name is (first name), (age - optional) and I am a member of (common community). The reason why I am writing to you is because I'd like to share my dream with you.
I am (current situation) and dreaming of (your dream). In order to reach my goal, I would need (your need) but I am still a few steps away from achieving my dream. The reason why I asked for attention from others is because I am extremely passionate about (passion) and I think it will help me (how will it positively impact your life). So far I have achieved (amount/quantity/...) with the help of (friends/family/ volunteers) and myself from (what you have done).

I would appreciate it enormously if you could help with a contribution, no matter how big or small, or even by sharing my story with people you know.

How do I thank the contributors?

Saying thank you is one of the easiest ways to interact with your contributors, it shows you are grateful for those who had a choice but chose to help you, and it shows you ultimately depended on each contribution, like the one from them.

You can always edit your project on You're Welcome so one way would be for you to make updates with what you have achieved from the contributions and also to thank everyone for each step you have made to get closer to your goal thanks to them.

Each contribution you will receive through You're Welcome platform will automatically send a message to your personal email account so you can send thank you messages to all your contributors.