Why a company Account?

Your company Account Fee finances free use of the Platform tor our Users. With your Account we finance the safe operation of the platform and our Compliance efforts.
An active Account will show your commitment to social equity and improves your image.
Do good things, share it and animate others to do the same.
This complete new social advertisement market will make the world a better place.


With our clever filter functions you easily identify the project most suitable for your company or products promotion needs. With the emotional storytelling way the platform works low cost promotions can be easily configured and delivered to your target audience with promotions. With the emotion loaded promotion you will hit the hearts of your potential customers. Your company logo and link to your account which will be prominently place in the promotion to link you with the positive story. The promotion will impress your target audience. To improve the image of your company, it is far more effective when someone else is telling the word about your good deeds.